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Handcrafted Applique Flags

Flag Fables Handcrafted Flags

Flag Fables was founded as a handcrafted flag company in 1984 - an amazing 39 years ago! Unfortunately our original, still-handcrafted flags have become increasingly challenging to produce due to a shortage of skilled sewers and fabric availability.

So, reluctantly, we’ve decided to discontinue our entire line of Flag Fables Handcrafted Applique Flags.

Please note that we're not discontinuing all the flags we carry - just our own handcrafted flags. We will continue to have a huge assortment of seasonal printed flags and coordinating pieces.

We’re reaching out to let you know that time is almost up to stock up on the handcrafted flag designs you love.

We are still taking orders for Full Size and Garden Size applique flags. We have a limited inventory in stock, but most orders for Full Size and Garden Size will be made to order.
Our current estimated delivery time is approximately four to six weeks.

However we are no longer producing Mid Size and Lamppost Size flags. Our remaining inventory for those sizes is shown here on our website.

Kindly note that all handcrafted flag purchases are final sale.

You can see the entire collection of Flag Fables Handcrafted Flags by clicking on the category images below.