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Darren Gygi "Jack O'Lantern" Canvas Art Print (9" x 9")

Darren Gygi "Jack O'Lantern" Canvas Art Print (9" x9")

  • Size:: 5" x 1" x 5"
Product Code: SULL-DG154-S-0909
A Halloween classic from the Darren Gygi Collection, the "Jack O'Lantern" art print is is just spooky enough - and perfect for your Halloween decor! Each piece of art work from the Darren Gygi Collection is giclee printed on canvas with an interior wooden frame.

Darren Gygi is an American artist who not only paints the original art work but also designed the frames and the manufacturing process for his printed art pieces. Hand made in the USA.This is the 9" x 9" version of this artwork.

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