Flag Fables

Please visit our retail store in our NEW location at 1285 Riverdale Street (Route 5) at the corner of Ashley Avenue in West Springfield, Massachusetts. You'll find directions to our new location on the Visit Our Shop page.

Our Story

Flag Fables Home is an outdoor decorative retailer in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1984 as a handcrafted applique flag company, we've grown and changed a LOT over the years! We currently have a retail store that's surrounded by pollinator gardens filled with native flowers, our own website flagfables.com and we sell on other B2C website platforms, as well. We still make our own handcrafted flags here in our New England location, but we also sell a wide range of the latest outdoor decorative products - printed flags, mailbox covers, decorative doormats, door decor, artwork, garden artwork, florals & floral arrangements, handcrafted wreaths, container arrangements and other custom floral designs.

We are sure you will enjoy speaking with, and meeting, our friendly and helpful staff members. We invite you to stop by our beautiful retail store at 1285 Riverdale Street, West Springfield, MA to meet us in person or give us a call -- we'd love to hear from you!

Our Products

Handcrafted Appliqué Flags

The foundation product of Flag Fables comes in over 300 original designs constructed from a poly-cotton fabric for long-lasting wear. Each design is created with an appreciation for the theme and a love of color. Setting the tone with attention to detail and a desire to give you only the best is how we work. We offer hundreds of original appliqué designs in a variety of flag sizes and in an array of beautiful colors to match your home. Flag lovers choose our appliqué flags for their striking designs and handcrafted beauty.

Appliqué flags are available in four sizes:

Full Size Flags - 36" x 56" - This is the original Flag Fables decorative house flag made with sleeve hem and leather tabs. The flag heading with grommets (eyelets) is available by special request.

Mid Size Flags - 28" x 40" - This is smaller than the original size, also made with a sleeve hem and leather tabs, and perfect for adding a decorative touch to smaller areas.

Garden Flags - 12" x 18" - This is a great way to add color to a walkway, entrance, garden, pool or patio. Their small size lets you use them anywhere around your home - great for condos and apartments, too!

Lamppost Flags - 10" x 36" - Our unique Lamppost Flags continue to be a home decorating favorite with designs only available from Flag Fables! Many lampposts come with a pole to hang your flags, if yours does not, you can attach our wall mount to your lamppost.

Printed Flags

The popularity of these flags continues to fly high and we have thousands of designs from select manufacturers that meet Flag Fables' customers' demands for quality and durability. The printing process utilizes permanent vegetable dyes which resist mildew, fading and are machine washable. You'll see fine detail and subtle tones, effectively reproducing the artists' designs with respect for design and a flair for color.

Printed flags come in two basic sizes: standard (28" x 40") and garden (12 ½" x 18"). One manufacturer produces a slightly larger standard size that we call standard + (29" x 43"). All of our printed flags fit on the flagpoles and stands we sell.

Floor Mats/Decorative Doormats - You can mix and match our indoor/outdoor mats with our printed flags to enhance your home. The doormats are also permanently dyed and measure 20" x 30". They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, have a sturdy rubber backing and are weather resistant. They clean up quickly with a soft broom or using just soap and water.

MatMatesTM Decorative Doormats from MagnetWorks/Studio M - These doormats have a heavy recycled rubber backing feature an optional rubber tray to enhance the mats' durability and frame their designs for out-standing performance.

MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers - Flag Fables offers MailWraps magnetic mailbox from MagnetWorks/Studio M. You can feel the durability of these polyvinyl covers that add a touch of style to greet passers-by. All designs fit a standard mailbox, while select designs fit an oversize mailbox. The standard mailbox measures 6 ½" wide and 19" long while the oversize covers 8" wide and 21" long. They are all made from durable all-weather vinyl and attach easily with magnetic strips. Plastic mailbox? No problem. Simply purchase an "Adaptor Kit" to convert your plastic mailbox to a mailbox with magnetic strips for using any of our magnetic mailbox covers.

Yard DeSigns® - Yard DeSigns magnetic faces give customers an affordable address plaque, or garden sign, that is colorful, attractive, and sturdy. These decorative magnets are interchangeable on a yard stake or ornamental post (each sold separately) to suit the season or brighten up your landscaping! Designs featuring a space for a house number include easy-to-apply numbers.

Flag Poles & Brackets, Garden Flag Stands are all sold separately.

Patriotic/National/International Flags - In addition to decorative flags, we also have United States flags, international flags, historic flag designs, buntings, pull-downs and more.

Accessories - Flag Fables offers a full line of flag poles and brackets, yard stakes, ornamental posts, garden flag stands, arbors, and more.

Seasonal Artwork, Charms & Signs - We also have a growing collection of seasonal artwork, charms and display boards from The Round Top Collection. These pieces range in size but almost all the printed artwork & metal charms from The Round Top Collection features a frame of galvanized steel in a distinctive "pie crust" shape. Charms and the 6" x 6" artwork all have a galvanized grommet on top for easy hanging. Round Top Collection charms and artwork are available on our website, but you'll need to come visit us in our retail store to see all the other Round Top Collection pieces we carry.